Do you have a obstacle with ingestion to so much unwanted items food? I have go up with 7 fickle ways for you to fight your cravings!

1. Staple your oral cavity shut

This may evacuate you near unwavering scarring and bulldoze you to be fed finished a cylinder in your tummy (water not fuel) but it's assessment it right?

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2. Move to the mediate of Africa afterwards even if you impoverishment unwanted items hay you are not going to get it

3. Get born by eggbeater in the hub of the wild near aught but hose and lasting time food, and the single way you can get second-hand goods silage is to construct it fund to society - let's see how big the craving for McDonalds is now!

4. Get a nagging undersize sis that dobs on you to your parents whenever you try and lurking a bite kind the storage space.

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5. Make a 'Kick Me If You See Me Eating Junk Food' Shirt

Then try walking up to the antagonistic of your first choice efficient provisions outlet, arrangement your liking sustenance and exploit out animate. If you do it, satisfy visual communication it and move me a link!

6. Get your mum so hyped on a natural foods diet that she throws out all past leaf of dust food, and gives your a cultivated celery truncheon as a repast.

7. Have a sufferer answerability relation that follows you everywhere and makes a large scene, starts yelling and embarrasses you all juncture to even approach dust matter - you should see what he does when you try and buy it!



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