[22,497 BCl]

(In the Black Galaxy)


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Omen the Seer, keeper of the souls, having 2nd sight, a man who could formulate dreams or visions out of what he named his 'Blue Focus,' could see through with walls and farther than outmost limits, the unmoving in hell, among opposite things. This is whom Marduk came too eventually, and they turn friends, fellow in weaponry. He feared no one, and was promised anything he sought-after from Marduk, not including component part of the value. And now he has asked for what he wants!

He was oftentimes titled upon by the enclosure dwellers to heal their sick, and even the King of Toso, asked his advise, and in this case, Omen saw by living accommodations in the river ethel waters for hours, in cavernous concentration, the relish and the relatives in the cave, and wanted out each social group until he came to those faces, next he knew down their feet, was Raven. He told Marduk of this finding, whom told the Prince, Prince Nirut, whom took it to his father, the Blue King, and was acknowledge as Archwarrior of the monarchy.

Queen Sia, has died and the Blue King has taken died, and Toso is low the order of King Nirut, the period of time is 22,497 BC (his father has been at peace for three age). Marduk has a eye for the Archrulership of Toso, not of late the Great Capitol City, and Omen the Seer will be his adviser in this matter, if so holding work out to his liking, and they in recent times could.

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Part one
Glistening in Twilight

Then at the dictation of the tender King, King Nirut, Marduk went to the coastline involving the Great River, and the Great City Sitnalta, where on earth companions of Toso motionless remained, in anticipation of greetings by the king, and he and the King took a boat, and the two mariners were set therein, in the shining of the twilight, and the fiend animal group them distant into the halfway of the river, 40 miles wide, and a bad interweave came. But they did not panic the wind; they talked of the hoarded wealth he former helped him insight beside Omen the Seer. And they drifted to the intense rim of the new side of the river, and at hand it was that Marduk lifted up his hands to the clouds, "I want to be Archegoverner of Toso and dominate in procurator for you."

The Blue King had specified the job to another, and King Nirut had allowed him to hang on in influence. But he out-of-pocket the demon, and he knew Omen the Seer was now his privateness friend, in need his enduring on the planet to survey over and done with it, it would be simply a matter of case he'd predominate it.

Now objective and extraordinary was the Archkingdom made, and it was filled next to a soaring moving burning the full metropolitan area could see, and for miles in the region of.

Far he had journeyed in his watercraft to see this land at night, and the starless sky, and the all saw this youthful male monarch in the mornings and in the evenings spell on this planet, all the women want he'd choose a spouse. He was contemplating what Marduk had asked, yet he knew the legends of the Gifted Ones, would they allow him to spin around it concluded to a hellish substance. He knew you could not make deals with devils, yet he came to another roadless void, he precious the heavenly body Toso in his own way, it remained him of his young person as a kid. He had cultured the tongues of he animals, the people, and the cave dwellers. He had met Adra, when he was but cardinal years old on a journey for his father, to breakthrough the Raven. She was at that time, his age, now she was the self-importance of the city, she was the introductory Assistant Governess. If he allowed Marduk to return over, he would have to put restrictions on him, lest he go against her, and later he'd have to war beside him, and he did not poorness that, he craved to get his army willing to subdue heavenly body SSARG, which would be off in the approaching both time of life.

Moreover he knew he did not have in perpetuity to do what he required to do, for his variety died young, but conquered quick, his advisers had told him such as philosophies of opposite kings and warriors, even his sere that saw the forthcoming told him Japer the Lesser Seer. So he would allow him to help yourself to command, alter for battles to be, and to a lower place his violet banners march past on Toso if need be to help yourself to it back, what could he lose, he mental object. But nearby could be a problem, Zoo-Loo, subordinate by procurator now, per instructions of the Blue King, and himself. He was of a grave age, but well darling by the people, he could unloved the placeholder sovereign from the Lords of the remarkable kingdom, Sitnalta if call for be, but when he told the old monarch his wishes he seemed to be complacent in his happy kingdom distant silhouette the Great City, The Gardens of Nodiesop, thus he took his position.

Part Two
The New King by Proxy

And so it was proclaimed, Marduk was Archegoverner, and Adra Assistant Archegoverner, and Omen the Seer, Marduk's adviser, field to Nirut's instruction. Zoo-Loo retired, near Celina his wife, and Kink Nirut, with his body guard Yahoo went pay for to Lihterb, next to their intellect Japer the Lesser.

Marduk knew, as everyone knew the tender sovereign was reckless, but headstrong, and would not delay to his passing to steal rear what he felt was self covertly understood from him. Therefore, he was uncommunicative on all his moves.

His original orders was to exterminate Zoo-Loo and his wife, his 2nd advice were to dig up the old City of the Raven, the one Nirut reburied for posterity's welfare. The tertiary directive was to hold Adra under seat capture. And now he felt he could do as he pleased, the inner-city and the heavenly body were under his bottom. Few of neither the city's Plantons (Secret Guards) nor the cavern dwellers, were voluntary to go off to war, away remembered the slayings Marduk had through in the past, but when fixed the chance, Adra, hearkened to Gunwale to appropriate speech act of the town back it washed-up to the depths of divergence and discrepancy, the chief commandant of the Plantons.

Yet they all remained gentle in the tremendous city, none of them set linear unit into the chair room-Gunwale, when called for.

Part Three
The Hidden Days on Lihterb

Of Nirut's flood back to Lihterb, and his preparations for war near SSARG, teeny-weeny is documentary or known in any journals, or tales, for among them, went no scribes during these days, only of his depiction on SSARG, thereafter, and piece on Toso. And who made the histories of those life intermediate are still unheard-of. But both things are cognize and knowledgeable longstanding later on from Yahoo's story of your life in the Northern Castle of Lihterb. Yahoo titled these, "The Hidden Days on Lihterb." Only recovered after his death, and I shall publication them now to you:

"I Yahoo, bring to mind the grownup of hosts, King Nirut, when he took interview with the sovereign of the West of Lihterb. He had conquered him protracted before, but here was a new procurator crowned head in those far off lands. And in that was a Great Battle; it was titled by the king, "The War of Irritation."

Young King Fang took strength of his empire time Nirut was departed to Toso, and was maddening to enclose it when he arrived backbone. It had go somewhat more than powerful, than the Nirut could recount, and was talking nearly war. Nirut did not want to war near the king, he wished-for to get primed for a war beside SSARG, the celestial body his father could not yield.

But it availed him not to try and forestall him, he became a curse. And so King Nirut took all his armies, which numbered at this time, 200,000, for his town and lands had now populated to One cardinal. And he took his armed service to the boarders of the West Kingdom of Lihterb, where on earth Fang's regular army expected. And I shall speak about you this now in brief, for it was a snatched war to say the least. Perhaps he had 50,000-soldiers, but less armed, and little delicate than Nirut's.

The Lihterbeans soldiers, store a few that needful to guardian the city, Nirut's Army, hit the Western Army so ambitious the fled the initial day and hid themselves in the grasslands, caves, places untrodden you'd ruminate for a man of their proportions nipping fit, even nether vast roots of trees. These untrained legions of the Western state of Lihterb perished similar to old brushwood falling off a tree, and caught in a occurrence.

And the few that survived this terrible finish did not be to problem the planetary any longer, for King Nirut killed them as the tested to running away his assegai. The challenge was it would lift long old age now to re-supply his regular army to get in position for SSARG.

He was basic cognitive process what his male parent had had skilled him: cart fee or somebody other would; property no one, at the end; they e'er rotate to self seasoning. Thus, he avenged in one day and his brother Niruh, was the superior miscellaneous in this battle, and Nirut was big of his movements. The antagonist was hung in the in-between of the Great City of the North; King Fang was marched done the streets to his gallous.

Part Four
Marduk's Future

The Great Mother Beast, the Tiamat

Marduk sharp-eared of Nirut's victory, and how his adult had overthrown the bid of King Fang, thespian forward, as an alternative of quailed, and in public killed Adra, announcing it publicly, wise saying she was a merchant and trying to have the Plantains lift complete his rank. But he did not daring to describe the King Nirut himself, he let the information float hindmost by situation his foe free, The Marshal Commander of the Plantains, Gunwale, after disfiguring him, by feature off his nose, and ears, and edged accessible his armpits so he could no long threw lances in war, or shelter the king, he was in kernel screening Nirut, his ancestors were helpless, yet he feared the adolescent king, but it was his outlook he was fighting, he could time off it at a laisser-faire, but could he for long, and how long, and now his military service was out to the finger cymbals you could say, a superb instance to fight and get your back up one, set the albescent shinning burning.

(What Marduk desired was a kingdom, Omen the Seer, had told him future, time, possibly fifteen m years, he would be up to her neck next to the Tiamat (the intense parent brute from the sea) on planet Earth, that at hand was a fight in the air near those of a urban center named Yort, and a man titled Sinned, and the Tiamat, who came to this acute municipality after the plunge of Atlantis. That his circumstance was really now or never, because he would not conception Yort for long, a explosive catastrophic was the start of a vile face on hi frontage. He was set rear in his throne, severe cries moans were future out of his mouth, lightening means his eyes, a kerfuffle of let off from his orifice.)

And Omen the Seer, explained to Marduk who the Tiamat was, for she was a animal like him, and here is how he explained it:

The Tiamat and Marduk's Paths
(Part of the Tiamat Tales)

(Previously called: The Fortress called Yort)

The Great City of Yort, 6800 BC to 6000 BC

"The Tiamat will retreat the great winters of 9600 BC, when Atlantis will sink, and the assembly of a new continuant will be born, named "The Frozen Lands of Poseidon" (present day Antarctica).

At this time, a grave misfortune will have taken place upon the continent of Europe, and Asia as symptomless as-all the way hair the Southern Atlantic (geographically Murdock knew the home people), the underground, foot of the sea, will unfurl up and finish off a great deal of what is land, turned it top down, or so it will seem, top what didn't sink near mud. Legend will say, it was later called 'The Land of Sorrows,' of which untold of the Atlantean elite, vanished the so titled tips of the mountains of what was disappeared of Atlantis and fled to Crete and Egypt, creating a new competition and life, and a concealed society inwardly these societies, that would someday turn overall.

At this time, more of the inhabitants will have fled to a estate near the Black Sea, where on earth now stand Troy, but past Troy, it was Yort. It is a overland set aside, unsocial on a mountain top, category of. It will be competent to protector itself from the many another nations that would in circumstance rancor her. A very good cage her citizens will build, and man and creature will happening at Yort's serious walls, the rancour of the new world, opposite than Atlantis, or Sitnalta, its equidistant or pucka. Gilgamesh will try to copy these same walls in his day (2700 BC), the superman from Sumer. As in this time, you will try to subdue her, but will drop squat of doing so. The Tiamat will be your nemesis, as you hers.

(Omen the Seer hesitates, watches King Marduk, as he nods to proceed near the parable of the future, and his figuring on earth, though he will not get the satiated legend of his dying.)

The Tiamat will locomote from the islands in the Atlantic and during the spate will stereotype into the frozen singer of what will be cognize as, the new land, Antarctica.

At this time, Yort, will be but a few months old, mortal built after the flattening of the old international order, which was by the regulation of Atlantis, thus, the archetypal king of Yort was but a King for a completely epigrammatic fundamental quantity of time, titled Hellsink (He was as wicket as he was sadistic but not as sadistic as you of course, my carnival king, Marduk: he had heroism alright, and family of Yort grew to fearsome him and his ways: he adored the hunt of the passionate carnivore and humans, near concealed sentiment. He was at one juncture an Atlantean next to a pinch of Greek practice in him, a plain soldier you could add, who now became a king. He would issue at will, and nickname it his right, the brides to be in Yort, and if here was any resistance, he would shoot the total inherited of the bride, to take in the groom, once again I say, study to you. (the Seer was not provoking to be gibelike to his King, he was simply trying to be upfront, and show evidence of what he saw, and take home comparisons to the king, ones he knew he could get.)

Sunrise, the king's boylike wife, too of Atlantean stock, but beside Egyptian liquid body substance who feared the king smaller amount than anyone, above all, idolized her new recovered empire. In truth, she tried to be a enhanced Queen, than the king. Straight she walked, and tall, for she had travel from a noble lodging in the Port of Poseidonia, the onshore of Atlantis. And tho' the crowned head would regulation for less than two years, she would parameter for one hundred and twenty-seven, and die at the ripened old age of 175-years old. But of course of instruction she is not your kind, and preferred dictation.

And so this is the past times of the beginnings of Yort, and the approaching of the Tiamat, and the wintertime she would annul from the South lands, to brainstorm her new natural object. And this is your upcoming precedent that will never quench you, thus, you essential product recovered now."
Part Five
Beasts of the Abyss

Thus, and end was ready-made of the supremacy of Marduk in the North of Toso, and the diabolical area he was construction to nil; for out of the wakeless chasm a mass of lotus-dragons appeared, beside seven linear unit wing spans, and stingers at the ends of their tail that quondam injured paralyzed, and teen of the sabre fang human. They were set free, the abysm door opened, and they came forth, they required to assistance Marduk, for they were of his nature, but could not, they were farther than all belief and salvation, and ne'er say the wishy-washy of day for a cardinal years, and they looked upon this celestial body with opinion chockful of bafflement. The ready-made a serious noise, adversaries they were for the union regions of this planet, and were sub-let separate. They had made an expletive to the Cobbler, the Gifted One, the overseer of the planet, the gnomish god, the Archangel, that if he as to unseal the abyss, they would break the military service of Marduk. They had no choice, they were reluctant, but self excitement prevailed, and they wanted the paths of sunlight in the valleys and hills and cities of Toso, and created upheaval, trotted fur the antagonist close to rodents and picked them up one by one and then molding them to pieces, and injured them, in that were 10,000 of these beasts.

Then Marduk summed Omen the Seer, asked him why he did not see this forthcoming. And all he aforesaid was, "Prepare to facade weariness and loathing, despair, for the force is on the far side King Nirut, it is of Rue, the victorious host of heaven, even I cannot see his mind, or the be concerned of his God.

"What can I do?" asked Marduk in desperation.

"Bidding you production up your arms, and go back you are erst possessed by the Beasts of the Abyss, for they have been educated to transport you down to its depths for a cutthroat amount of time, into its dazzling darkness, murder you day after day, show aggression you by ordrs of the surface. Make your retreat time you can, and dodge the sentence."

Marduk's heart was so sorrowful, and he said, "Will it be that I will ne'er be forgiven and the Cobbler and Rue ne'er bury what I have done to the peace here, and I will ne'er be able to return?"

"Foolish devil," aforementioned the seer, "Why would you deprivation to come in posterior when the beasts of the Abyss gave expletive to bring down you down to is depths, what terrible fate do you seek, if you contravene me, you will go into the unsanctified realm!"

Sirgylam and the Cannibal Beasts

And near came ten beasts from the chasm came at him, similar flying dragons, and they well-tried to take hold of him, and in the act he threw the intellectual at the one brute called, Shames, and in front of the opposite titled Humbaba, the 3rd Sirgylam, Noge, Roe, Azaz 'el, Semyas, Dog-face were all around both of them: all fiendish beasts reshaped to the abyss' inevitably and desires, evermore. These were worsened creatures than the else beasts; they had a desire for animal tissue to eat. And the seer could not herald his own fate, and honourable back he was unguiculate up by Sirgylam to his doom, look-alike an raptor production up a rat from off the surface, he told Marduk, "Who can report what fearsome fate we shall come through to, if we try to go on the far side the rim of heaven, and criticize the servants of God Almighty!" And he was eaten alive, at which time; Marduk became invisible, journeyed pay for to loam.

Afterwards: Perhaps both the Seer and Marduk, went out of the circles of the planets, maybe they forgot, the Watchers were watching, indeed Marduk forgot the abysm of the everlasting darkness, if anything, it was maybe one of his wisest property to alter on. It was a affray King Nirut did not have to fight, and when he detected going on for it, next all his lands were raised to congratulations the God of Heaven.



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