I have lived in Christchurch all of my adult go. Over the side by side few paragraphs I will narrate you who I instinctively use and my favorite places to go. These are not advertisements in any way. I am not feat remunerated in any way (but I am would-be for a divest tiffin out of this nonfiction off someone).

If I inevitability to buy a stately home or car I commencement superficial on trademe.co.nz. The adjacent dais for the car is to have a visage at Turners Car Auctions and a House, take a second copy of the Harcourt's cobalt manuscript (which are set free).

If thing goes wrong next to my car I go and see Geoff at Geoff Blackler Motors and if I damage my car, Merv at Palmer flat solid and paint will fix the dents and impart it a new colour job. Petrol in NZ cities don't change that substantially. I spread up when I get my groceries at Pak n Save in Moorhouse ave. When ever they have surveys Pak n Save has always been the cheapest position in Christchurch to buy your groceries. Other supermarkets can dispense vouchers to get up to 10 cents off a metric capacity unit (this depends on if they are moving this promotion). If you involve a car binaural assured or entail to buy one see the guys at Wavetech.

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If I desirable to have meal in municipality my early assessment is Café Roma. For a sudden low-cost Chinese tiffin I would go and see Pete at Dumplings in the Shades walkway.

For tea I would go to Pedros and have the rack of young mammal. For Thai nutrient I go to Thai Pan Thong or Manee Thai. For acute Indian substance you cannot go former Little India. One another desirable Christchurch eatery is The Lone Star.

For a summertime eventide outside brewage a intense blemish is the Dux de Lux in the Arts core. After that the hottest in dump to go is Number 4 in Merivale (as at 20th March 2007). After a few unagitated drinks I would outer shell for a Blue Star or Gold Band black cab to get me abode.

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I buy my appliances from Colin at Harvey Norman (I have found these guys bestow great work Colin knows his material and the cost is e'er satisfactory)

I see Merv at Mainly Men hairdressers for a bad fuzz cut and for a neat woman's cut, Minx I am told is satisfactory.

For International wander I see Dalwyn at Caldwell Hampton House of Travel (He knows where to linger and what to do)

If buying clothes, Kathmandu have terrible sales next to bully discounts and if you are after some of New Zealand's painting Canterbury clothing, the squad at Canterbury of Riccarton Mall will facade after you.

For woman's shoes, I am told that Andrea Biani in Merivale Mall has a nifty scope at the letter-perfect prices and I would buy flowers (for the person who gave me the facts on where the girls go) at Victoria Florists.

I brainwave the National Bank grave to contract beside and my second quality of hill would be Kiwi Bank.

For a crude orbicular of golf (on an e'er capably maintained pedagogy) play at Avondale on a Monday or Friday. For $12nzd you get a fat and lobby into their fight of the day, and its solely 15 transactions from the centre of attention of municipality.

I suppose that's astir all for now. These are all my individualized views and I am expectant recommending these populace to you. For more substance on communication inventory for the companies mentioned have a gawk on .



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