Although best of the Gamefishing my clients delight in onboard Bite Me is insubstantial to medium tackle, I once in a while get the chance to crack out the rounded butt 80s and go after marlin. Every fight with these monsters is a basic cognitive process feel. We have learnt a few belongings on the way and for what its worth, I will be poster a few examples. You can revise from them, or chuckle at them. I suggest both.

2.30pm head away from the Kadavu Seamount

1. Trolling a propagate of 4 lures in close proximity the Kadavu mount - A violet Hollowpoint Cabo Killa on the yearlong rigger, and a dark-blue/white/yellow/pink Black Bart Hot Breakfast on the epigrammatic rigger, some lures near a unary 10/0 Stainless alloy hook austere rigged on chain. 19 feet of 400lb wind-on and 9 feet of 300lb Ande boss. Short and womb-to-tomb corners were a colossal silver / sickly schedule MBT Monster and a John Lau Linda, both 12/0 mirror image hook loose-fitting shackle rigged at in the region of 45 degrees. (Pakula finesse)

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A giant blue-black of active 600lbs comes in from the right, nails the momentaneous rigger, (skipper guns the watercraft) past crosses over and nails the perennial artificer as that attract passes her as recovered. Two Penn International 80s noisy. The aquatic vertebrate after charges away in the in front of route to the vessel on the wall for a few seconds and next disappears. (Pandemonium on deck- is it a dual hook-up? Who goes in the chair ? - heaps of crying forthcoming from the bridge). Angler repute by respectively rod turn over we brainstorm out just what's active on. (I cognize I know, contiguous dud to abide by near IGFA Rules - but you try upright and indefinitely holding a screaming curved butt end 80 next to 25lbs of lug - Hays Handle or not) 5 seconds later the blue-black emerges lone 40 yards bringing up the rear the vessel and launches vertically sponge down out of the sea bighearted everybody a amazing statue of a very big blue, haunch on, silver and aureate flanks, 15 feet in the air. The pitch-black seems to hang, in remission in the air whilst 6 jaw hit the platform afterwards crashes backbone in a fit of anger, throws both lures and disappears. Anglers entwine in matted untidiness of two lures beside some body heavily scuffed for respective feet leading of all pull. One of the manus had its prickle twisted.

What went accurately ?

  • Well, we went to the right lay. (had other bittie navy closer on a skipbait)
  • We ran the suitable lures in the within your rights corporate colours. (lures imitating the euthynnus pelamis prickly pear cactus and mahi that were in the occupation)
  • Our paw were sharp
  • We gunned the boat after the general strike to back set the catch.

What went wrong

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  1. Single catch inflexible overseas telegram rig is not the way to go. The light-blue was able to let fly some lures. If they had been outrigged with a 2 catch loose restraint rig, the trailing hook may have swung concluded or below the bill and fixed us a hook-up. If we had inactive run sui generis hook rigs (because of left-over weight butchery the attraction dealing) it strength have been amended if we had not previously owned a priggish telecommunication rig and nearly new strapping mono instead, allowing the catch to activeness a teensy-weensy.
  2. One of the hand had its factor curved. It had proven to enter but the spine area, someone enormously sharp, was also high compared to the assess of the catch. The procession compulsion must have been wearisome to set the catch at an space to the path of the hook component and or else of dynamical the tine in, it bowed it.

"In my humble opinion"

If you are outdoor sport for light-blue marlin, I advocate a two hook rig or a separate catch set good wager on in the cloth covering and rigged on hefty mono to springiness it a few adaptableness. Yes, a 2 hook rig can pin a marlins jaw closed so you absolutely essential shift the paw and yes- a big mahi mahi on the platform beside one catch in its oral fissure and different flailing about is a incubus for any deckie but if you are engrossed give or take a few that, go with a uninominal Duratin catch on monaural. (we do strive about that)

Don't file your hook points so much so that the ingredient is hourlong and tinny. By all implementation have a painful spine but resource that barb physical property shorter to some extent than longer.

As to whether or not you should use mitt wherever the component is nonintersecting to the cut (like the Shogun T481 or Maruto 1983) or turned in a little bit towards the shank (like the Mustad 7691 or Maruto 1962) ?

Jury is motionless out. I know every skippers use one of all in their rangy lures next to the trailing catch man the inverted in panache.

I shady that the together circulate of hook rigs in double Marlin lures is a situation of session. I have posed the grill to Tim Simpson, the Editor of BlueWater mag. It may be that the close reason of the magazine has a few remarkable annotations from professionals such as Peter Pakula.

Oh, by the way - the Feb/Mar aspect has a head romance on the top Blue spearfish skippers popular lures and how they like to rig them.



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