I was only just asked how to decipher a Yenko Camaro vin tag, and the direct actuality is that it's no dissimilar from any remaining Camaro vin tag, Yenko Chevrolet modifies the Camaros at their dealership, so you see, a Yenko Super Camaro would have a regularised Camaro vin written communication such as as 124379N345145, so by the vin you would cognize that the car was a Chevrolet indicated by the amount "1" and that it was a Camaro indicated by the number "2" and that it was a two door motorcar indicated by the number "37" and that it's a 1969 Model indicated by the "9" and that it was built in Norwood California indicated by the "N" and anything after the "N" is the line numeral or sequent number id you prefer this would tell you that this dedicated car was the 345,145 TH car built in 1969.

All Camaro vin numbers are pretty regulation like-minded this in an attempt to put together them easy to decode, now to breakthrough out if it's a Yenko Camaro that your superficial at you could expression at the RPO secret message located on the passenger broadside of the motor on a machined pad only in forefront of the head, now right as a requirement these book of numbers have been better-known to be re-stamped to say that their something that their not, so this is where you condition to be protective and meeting this digit to the artifact copy digit placed at the vertebrae of the engine on the manipulator side, and the bell structure flange, and this amount cannot be re-stamped, so of the RPO codification does not clash this number, I would not buy the car.

I have fatigued a lot of occurrence poring over how the vin codes, and the RPO codes, and casting numbers all effort equally to relay you what the car is, and what it should be, and if you watch at these codes, and variety certain that is your superficial for a manufactory Camaro, or a outstanding Camaro close to a Yenko Camaro, that you pay snuggled independent publicity to what these book of numbers are revealing you, you in all probability will not get ripped off on your purchase, don't 2d surmisal these book of numbers as you contest them up, if they relay you that it's not a concrete Yenko, then it's not.

The Yenko Camaros had a manufacturing plant hp valuation of 425 HP, and if those numbers don't report you that it's a 425 HP 427 CID engine, after it's good that you counselling in the converse itinerary of this purchase, bring in in no doubt that these numbers bring up to date you that it had the matched transference in it, the Yenko Camaros were all oversubscribed next to a standardized transmission, and it was a Muncie M-22 natural object crusher, if the numbers on the car don't notify you that this is what's in the car, don't buy it.

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