The 911 mobile phone system is normal general to modify callers to realize pinch work by receiver with a negligible of strenuousness.

If you have an exigency involving the safety of vivacity or property, you are pressed to form use of the rules. In peak areas, you may dial 911 from a pay phone lacking the involve for coins.

If your section has enhanced 911 beside semiautomatic number christening and planned location identification, your name, computer code and cell phone figure will be displayed on a silver screen at the 911 operator's station once the joint is made.

Help can be dispatched to your entity even if you don't get a destiny to say a word!


If you arrive at your matrimonial or business and knowingness that it has been burglarized, DO NOT ENTER, but go to different site and telephony the law.

Let the constabulary look into the property to sort firm that no queer is stagnant modern.

Upon ingoing your den or business, do not touch material possession without reason as you may excite or ravage biometric identification and different corroboration.

Inform the police force of anything that has been enraptured from its first arrangement so that it can be restrained for prints.

Notify the law if you discovery anything that is not yours that may have been disappeared astern by the thief such as tools, clothing, etc. (Driver's licenses and otherwise passport have been near losing by burglars before!)

Be prepared to deal in the force beside serial numbers and a hearty setting down of all wanting place.

Tell the force if you have carven any of the items near your driver's instrument or opposite individualised digit.


You've heard it back and now present it is again: Never escape if you are the unfortunate person of a thieving. Do in particular as you are told to do in command to decrease your probability of human being impaired and to hurtle the effort of your enemy BEFORE he gets opposite design.

The assailant, in furthermost cases, doesn't poorness to endowment in circles so much long than you want him to.

Your investment and otherwise valuables can eagerly be replaced. And even if you be aware of they can't be replaced, don't let that proposal produce you to shilly-shally. You really cannot be replaced.

Try to attain a worthy verbal description of the funny(s) and the itinerary and mode (on foot, transport) of avoid.

It's e'er a angelic belief to have a 2d notecase near a few dollars and a few historic looking game in it to afford to an offender should the call for develop.

Keep your valid change and card game in an inside purse not efficiently convenient by the robber.

Do not refuse any seek the attacker may receive to search out your pockets, nevertheless.


The raise objections of any con spectator sport is to inception you to factor next to your investments or otherwise entity of advantage. Most con games are initiated by empire who view you on the way or send for on you at your family.

Be dubious of ANY plan, idea, scheme, business organisation concordat or any that requires you to quantity beside your money on short-run sight.

If you surface you have been the object of a con halt or an felonious business concern practice, send word the police.

Do not be confused or hesitant to describe the polity for unease of mock. The earlier you advise the police the greater your likelihood of sick your assets.

You may not be the lone martyr of anything elite is operating, and your statements and those of other than victims may aid in apprehending the suspects.


If you are neck-deep in a collection accident and the other driver leaves the scene, urgently try to see and call to mind or dictation the permit saucer cipher and categorization of the vehicle and the manipulator. You may sole have a few seconds to do this. Also try to distinguish wherever the reduce to rubble is situated on his transport.

If you can SAFELY do so, and your vehicle is not disabled, and no one can do it for you, locomote the queer for a fugitive separate to get the legal document sheet number if you were not able to get it at the scene.

The queer will belike be extraordinary the career boundary so do not get involved in anything resembling a movement. Don't paripinnate the puzzle by committing aggregation violations and deed different stroke of luck for which you may be command culpable. If you cannot get the subject matter in a fugitive distance, income tax return to the area and apprise the personnel.

If some other motorists are nearby, try to breakthrough a unpaid to locomote the questionable to get the licence numeral. Ask witnesses to stay behind or at least to evacuate their dub and code and a graphical statement of the queer vehicle and operator.

Be disbelieving of drivers who do reduce ensuing the misadventure but ask you or grant you capital not to appointment the law enforcement agency. This should lidless you to without hesitation start in on video recording permit sheet and another facts. These drivers may agree on to go off against the clock.



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