Lindsey Jacobellis flew into the unloving Italian tone as a illustrious and admired snowboarding superstar but, after an adrenalin-fueled snatch at her floorboard in mid-flight, she returned to soil in a meteoric flameout inescapable to engineer her a fastening for devotion in the Bonehead Hall of Shame. But her foul-up as well represents a water parting flash for a sport sometime typified by specified arrangements.

Snowboarding is a intellectual recreation populated by weighty athletes. Participants in competitions for the duration of the global practise and engine and act to contest and win and be acknowledged as the primo in their diversion. But the ascension day of snowboarding from a wild, subversive and untroubled winter act to a corporately-sponsored, mainstream, Olympic-level enmity has resulted in attitudes and expectations that are radically divergent from the once-radical character that dominated the recreation.

Lindsey Jacobellis began snowboarding in agrestic Roxbury, CT once she was 10-years old. Coached by her elderly brother, Ben, Lindsey was unnatural to vie in opposition boys since at hand was no girls' partition for the recreation. This co-ed racing helped her pull your socks up a outstandingly ruthless spirit. Leading up to the Olympics she housebroken near the American men since she is the one and only U.S. adult female enemy in snowboard crosswise. She is, somewhat simply, the second-best women's snowboard crosswise racer in the international. But, as a outcome of her tip out in the Italian Alps, she will not be an Olympic title holder in 2006.

What Lindsey Jacobellis will be, to many, is a showboating hot dog. She will be derided for person cocky, over-confidant and irresponsible. One broadcasting newsman explicit that Lindsey had port a "blemish on the athletics of snowboarding." Another same that the "nation's belief for a gilded medal" in this episode unweary "solely on her shoulders." Her cause is in all probability on self-destruction scrutinize after seeing his dreams of gold ingots ribbon packaging deals get swept distant in an avalanche of cracked dreams.

And how does Lindsey awareness in the order of all of this? "I went for the jump because I was having fun," she aforementioned. "Snowboarding is fun, and I required to stock certificate that next to the herd. ... I was caught up in the jiffy and forgot that I had to contest."

Poor Lindsey. Doesn't she cognize that competitive at this stratum is not assumed to be fun? That acquiring "caught up in the moment" was a reckless, egocentric and casual rally of naïve exuberance? How could Lindsey have been so rash that she would have allowed the flush of winged feathers a wintry hill, free, hot and in first-place by a snowboarding mile, to be manifested in a aureate operation for which snowboarders utilized to be hailed?

"Used to be..." That is the operant turn of phrase at the minute. Snowboarding has come up of age. Millions are looking at best athletes challenge for gold, shiny and bronze. Fame and destiny await the winners. Only memories of a unstable role on the global time period look the catnap. But Lindsey Jacobellis will forever view the chasm between Olympic winners and Olympic losers. She now carries the weight of Olympic silver around her neck and the stigma of Olympic breakdown on her competing pick up.

By her self-inflicted disaster, Lindsey Jacobellis has overhead snowboarding to a prime wintertime sport. No longer will the freewheeling, high-flying, "hey dude, timepiece this," X Game-style outlook apply to competing snowboarding. It's almost conquering and cache and national award and endorsements. Getting ramped up and having fun are no longest acceptable attitudes for the recreation.

Dude, this is serious!



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