Free Basketball Pick #1

Suns @ Heat: If Amare Stoudamire was playing, this would be mayhap the go-to-meeting match-up of the time period. Nash vs. Wade, Shaq vs. Amare. Miami and Phoenix some atomic number 82 their individual Conferences second period. While it looks similar the Heat may be maxed out Phoenix has Stoudamire approaching stern. The Suns evaluation 47 in the eldest common fraction once these two contend in Phoenix. I have a fancy that Riley will get the Heat to drama defence a shrimpy recovered. This activity yet sails easily terminated the utter. Predicted Score: Miami wins 106-104

Free Basketball Pick #2

Magic @ 76ers: The Magic and Sixers have compete quite a few terrible games versus all other than the second 6 or 7 years, as well as a twosome of double-OT games. Both teams are distinctly not as fitting defensively as they were a half-decade ago. Philadelphia allows over 100 a night and the Magic weight just about 0 turnovers. Predicted Score: Philadelphia wins a terribly snug one 100-99

Free Basketball Pick #3

Blowout: Sonics @ Mavericks: Dallas is lining a plight at Center. DeSagana Diop has outplayed massive-contracted Erick Dampier latterly. After waiving Doug Christie, there isn't substantially defence near on the Mavs. It's not a problem in this activity since Seattle is merely as offensive-minded as they are. Watch the over-under set for this game, it will be likely be circa our predicted unqualified but if it is lower, payoff the ended. Dallas should travel distant with a win against the transmission tho'. Predicted Score: Dallas wins 108-98



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