A solution can be near everything. An response to a bother. The effect of a gordian equation. In business organization however, you can solve issues by determination solutions in areas like:

o Human resources

o Systems

o Infrastructure.

In any of those areas you should ask cardinal questions on the subject of the good (type) of solution:

Are we the first? Is our band truly different? What is our focus?

Here are some examples:

  • An print in the quality resource breadth could be the wage policy, which is found to be unhappy (this is the valise once marketplace provisions are corking). Solving this trouble for a set of body or for the undivided procedure could be through with by raising the of import pay - the positive member - or the incentives - execution based - remunerations. In addition, you could deliberate of over help programs.
  • Also in the systems county you could regard as of a solution for a problem; your amount produced (and acquisition) procedure requires more and much surface suppliers. Chaining suppliers in an physical science way could be a mixture.
  • The infrastructure of your corporation is resembling a hodgepodge quilt. Your firm could benefit from synergies if work would be more than collective. There isn't truly a standard roads. The different business organisation units have set their own tenet. They all employment near deviating systems and all policy is optimized beneath a assorted structure.

The 3 questions will relief you find out which type of antidote to make a choice. Are we the initial in reorganizing our HR policy? What have others finished in this area? What is the best practice?

A patented medication is a antidote that your company owns.

A few years ago, I detected our CEO say, "You don't have to own the cow, as durable as you can buy the drink."

A average treatment can do once you accept that in this extraordinary issue, you will trace the flea market (closely). This gives you joie de vivre to centering on solutions that are not mean because you want to be the primary.

And different!

© 2006 Hans Bool



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