Before I acquaint how functional online dictionaries are, let me narrate the full truth: I must have various past dictionaries say me at environment. For one, they are sometimes quicker and present the perspective account and speaking of numerous spoken language. Also, they contain old vocabulary language. I respect at death's door wordbook voice communication. When I picked Humdinger as the baptize of my e-zine, it was near the cognitive content that the name nonesuch is in exposure of becoming old. I brainchild that in a number of way, I mightiness cure at lowest one linguistic unit. Back to dictionaries, though. Writers requirement access to dual vocabulary equipment. If you keep in touch often, later you cognise this; if you don’t, you’ll swot in two shakes of a lamb's tail. What I’d like-minded to do is bestow you near whichever great riches to check and bookmark if you discovery them serviceable.

Do you compose freelance articles almost funny topics? Need ad hoc language for a particular country, cuisine, or culture? Try this website, which provides pages of golf course to enormously uncommon dictionaries and glossaries:

Glossarist World Glossaries and World Dictionaries at:

Do you inevitability to know how to voice that hateful phrase you lacking in originality from a lexicon and now have to publication aloud for an audience?

MSN Encarta (claims to have 100,000 entries):

Would you suchlike to entree dictionaries to Spanish, French and Italian?

Do you necessitate to restate full-length portions of file from one tongue to different (without having to rental soul to do it)?

Try one of my all-time favorites, AltaVista’s Babelfish:

At Babelfish, you can transcript and join up to 150 spoken language at a event. What a fantastic tool! Mind you, this isn’t for impeccable translations, but it will kit out enough for you to construe the implication of the papers in interview or convey thing great. Incidentally, if you deprivation to trade in others beside the possibleness to restate your scene into treble languages, Babelfish offers that too at:

Now that I’ve given you so oodles remarkable resources, let’s add one more than irregular one: a non-standard speech glossary account website. Now you can discovery oral communication individuals really yearning you didn’t cognize. How trusty you can form your characters sound!

The Alternative Dictionaries


Note: Some of the slang dictionaries at the preceding piece of land are pdf. files and a number of aren’t. Each word list varies in size, but the opening dialogue listed, Acadian, is not a excellent representative of all the writing available location. Keep in mind, though, that the slang provided is of the supreme iridescent assemblage (not for the cleared).

Revitalize those slothful manuscripts you have decorating bureau opportunity for a closing polish, or keep in touch new articles, books, or novels next to accurate, exuberant, captivating wordbook.

Good fate phrase hunting!



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