So what is a divapreneur anyway?

My friend, Leesa Barnes has started a new gridiron on ryze called Divapreneurs At Work placed at
She asked us to limit a divapreneur. Now me being the prolific nonfictional prose magazine columnist that I am, I couldn't response this enquiry lacking letters an article give or take a few it. Sit support and become

First of all Divapreneur is a jumble of the voice communication opera star and entrepreneur. In instruct to demarcate divapreneur
we original status to outline opera star and enterpriser. In writ to do this I went to Wikipedia.

This is what I recovered out from Wikipedia:
Most widely previously owned definition of diva

A Diva was in the beginning a distinguished feminine classical music singer, but now usually refers to a desirable pistillate instrumentalist of non-operatic works.
The permanent status derives from an Italian speech meaning "goddess", which, in crook derives from the feminine contour of a Latin declaration divus, meaning, "divine one".
This definition was found on the behind page:

I material similar to the differentiation of state a songster port out whichever able non-musical ladies so I fixed to use this definition of operatic star instead:
# In general usage among the younger generation, the word prima donna is previously owned to draw a able and cocksure female person. This definition was saved on the ensuing leaf.

Now it's time to demarcate entrepreneur, the 2nd segment of this declaration. This definition as well comes from Wikipedia.
Entrepreneur is a word from the French speaking that refers to a person, who undertakes and operates a new venture,
and assumes many responsibility for the intrinsic risks.

Business entrepreneurs repeatedly have rugged viewpoint more or less a bazaar chance and are volitional to accept a lofty smooth of personal, nonrecreational or financial peril to trail that possibility.

So a divapreneur consequently is a proficient and buoyant woman, who undertakes and operates a new venture,
and assumes some answerableness for the essential risks.

Well I speculation that makes me a divapreneur. How nearly you?



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