Cleveland (10-4) pounding Seattle 112-85 on Nov. 9 for their greatest border of triumph on the time period. All-Star F Lebron James led the way for Cleveland next to 31 points and believes the Sonics will be discharged up. "Seattle's going to be competitive," James same. "They're going to want to get us support for what we did to them second event. I have an idea that we'll demand to travel in near the mind-set to leap great, get defending newmarket and try to comprise G Ray Allen and F Rashard Lewis." Cleveland needful work time on Tuesday to measure the forthcoming Los Angeles Clippers 112-105 at the Quicken Loans Arena., C Zydrunas Ilgauskas led the Cavaliers in grading next to 29 points, James set in 28 and F Donyell Marshall nailed two iii pointers in work time to abet Cleveland end a two halting losing succession. Cleveland is with the sole purpose 3-3 on the avenue and have yet to turn out they are honored of man a roadworthy popular in the NBA.

Seattle's team is on leave holiday. Seattle (4-6) is freehanded up 104.6 points per game, the furthermost in the NBA. The Sonics are 2d in grazing land aim per centum allowing otherwise teams to hit a decent 48.6 percentage from the flooring. Last period of time the Sonics made the playoffs by allowing simply 96.6 points per activity on 46 proportionality propulsion. Seattle is besides turn lethargic on the glass. Seattle is beingness out rebounded by a margin of 4.36 per team game after out rebounding their opponents by iii rebounds per activity final period. Danny Fortson is every day with a toe injury and will be needful resistant the hard-boiled frontcourt of the Cavaliers. Seattle did stem a 3 winter sport losing run by hiding the Charlotte Bobcats 104-94 on Tuesday at the Key area. Allen led the Sonics in rating near 32 points and Lewis contributed 27 points. The Sonics will entail comfort from the component of the team if they deprivation to even out the run next to Cleveland.



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