"Tribulation." What's this about?

Most students of prognostication consider in a incident of "trouble". It is asymptomatic documented by sacred writing and Jesus and John:

Prophet Jeremiah in his 30th section sees a approaching era he calls "Jacob's Trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7). The remark is to the parent of the Jewish nation, a man also best-known as Israel. He says that this event will be unexampled in its devastation, the one and the same entity an spiritual being who appears in the scrap book of the seer Daniel says astir a "time of trouble" coming to the planet, in league with resurrections and judgments (Daniel 12:1-3). In remaining words, this tribulation time is the formation of the end of all material possession as we cognise them present.

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That one and the same line of scheme is constant by Jesus in Matthew 24:21. Here the statement is "tribulation", but that is simply another written record of the self Greek speech translated "trouble" in otherwise passages. Jesus too is talking of the end of all things, which he says straightaway follows this visitation. And John's Book of Revelation describes the horrors of God's wrath, departure no disbelief to the student that the instance he describes is also the circumstance of the end.

Now what do Bible teachers show by "Pre"- or "post"- tribulation?

There is every central upset future. Unprecedented. Final. And, there's a "snatching up" , a "catching away", a "rapture" future too. The integral issue we concordat near present is , Which comes first, the trouble, or the flight? If one believes the contagious up is first, he is a "pre-tribulation rapturist", whether he mainly likes specified a description or not. If he believes the exaltation is after the affliction and in reality a relation of the 2nd approaching of Jesus,

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He is "post-trib."

Sadly, the cathedral is gravely torn on this issue? There are those who will not judge the existence or ministry of those on the "other side" of this talk. How that came to passing is a mesmerizing scrutiny but must be reserved for other case.



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